Virtual board portals: Bringing the Physical Meeting Space into the Digital World

It has become easier to organize online board meetings in the era of technologies that are accessible to almost every person and convenient to use. Now many services help to conduct business events in video format. The board portal is one of them. Here is more about its functionality.

Board portal for arranging digital business events

In a globalized and dynamic world, digital technologies have spread rapidly, and the economy, the labor market, and society are changing at an unprecedented rate. In the economy, digital technologies are one of the main drivers of growth, productivity, competition, and innovation potential. Digital and hybrid event formats played an important role in marketing and communication long before the COVID-19 pandemic. While analog and physical live events score above all through direct and personal contact, multi-sensual appeal, emotions, and experiences, digital formats focus mostly on scalability. It is mainly because digital formats are generally available almost anywhere and anytime.

Nowadays, most modern companies have already transformed the way boards collaborate. They implement innovative board portal solutions to ensure flexible company management. The essence of this technology is to recreate conditions similar to real ones using elements of interactive interaction in an artificially created online environment. Today, the popularity of using virtual technologies to solve business problems and organize online learning is due to 3 key advantages:

  • the effect of presence and visibility;
  • high level of concentration of participants;
  • involvement of participants in the process.

With a host of powerful remote access features that make remote management, online meetings, and cloud-based help desk easy, many resources are available to demonstrate the full power of the board portal solution.

What are the software advantages?

Board management software is a perfect way to organize online business events virtually. The board portal has all the functions necessary for conducting online meetings, including video broadcasting of the presenter, text chat, screen sharing and presentations, polling, and recording. It does not require the installation of additional programs. The software ensures many advantages for remote board teams:

  • For companies with offices located in various remote locations in the country or the world, board portals allow users to reduce the cost of communication channels and simultaneously provide the best quality of communication. It is achieved through the ability to automatically collect geo-distributed conferences with the transfer of multi-stream video between regions.
  • The board management software platform provides individual transcoding of video traffic so that each conference participant receives the highest possible communication quality while not affecting other users. Several types of screen layouts are supported, which users can select individually. Screen layouts automatically adapt to the number of participants in the conference, and when using mobile devices, to orientation (horizontal or vertical), providing the most comfortable perception and use of the available screen space.
  • The advantage of a scheduled board meeting is also the fact that after the start time of the scheduled conference, the program will automatically create a conference and connect all invited users (you can invite a previously created group) who are online at the moment and send an invitation to inactive registered users by mail.
  • Another purpose of the board portal is to provide board members and business partners with information sharing, discussion, analysis, and decision-making. The software offers a well-organized working environment and protected data repository.